🆕 Identify and target the right prospects with LGM Finder

:mega: La Growth Machine releases the Finder, its in-app ABM feature!

Segmentation is the key to successful prospecting, and if your Sales Navigator audience is too large, your response rate will be poor :chart_with_downwards_trend:

Several reasons for this:

  • if you don’t use enough filters
  • if you only use keywords
  • if you don’t do ABM (Account Based Marketing = filtering first through the company)
    Then… → you will have up to 40% of leads who are not your target at the end of the search!

So, we’ve created the Finder so that you can:
:mag: Search for high-potential companies by filtering by industry, size, or location
:bust_in_silhouette: Identify the right contacts within these companies
:white_check_mark: Import the contacts
:rocket: Launch a hyper-personalized multichannel campaign

→ More info on the LGM Finder

and a short How To video:

Did you try it? Super curious to have your feedbacks!

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Can’t wait to use that feature

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