15 LinkedIn Notes with over 40% response rate

I have a big gift for everyone launching campaigns on LinkedIn but struggling with the short note that accompanies the connection request… :drum:

→ 15 examples of LinkedIn Notes with over 40% reply rate!

And they are sorted by use case:

  • Networking & events
  • Recruitment
  • Content sharing and engagement
  • Lead Generation


:point_up: Oh, and for those who doubt the usefulness of adding a note to their connection requests, we A/B tested with 9000 leads working in marketing. We approached half with a note and the other half without a note.
→ Result: the absence of a note resulted in losing many opportunities with people who perceived the request as suspicious. On the contrary, sending a transparent and clear message allowed us to get many more qualified calls (3 percentage points more). Q.E.D. :nerd_face:


I Used it and it’s quite awesome.

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