20% off Derrick: the extension for scraping and enriching directly on GSheets

Hey, check out this awesome tool that’s still flying under the radar: Derrick-app!

It’s a Google Sheets extension that hooks you up directly to LinkedIn, letting you scrape info straight into your spreadsheet.

The freemium version gives you 200 free credits each month, but…

:gift: … for Playground members, you get 20% off the “Import & Enrich” plan for 3 months with the code: PLAYGROUNDLOVE (for new users)

This little gem lets you:

  • Import Sales Navigator data into Google Sheets, whether it’s for prospects or companies.
  • Enrich LinkedIn profiles with first name, last name, current job, company, education, gender… over 15 attributes!
  • Get company info from LinkedIn: sector, number of employees, fundraising…
  • And the cherry on top! → Find LinkedIn profiles (URL) + emails from just a first and last name.

The magic of this tool is that it’s a GSheets extension, making enrichment super easy. In just 3 clicks, you can:

  1. Look up LinkedIn profiles for a list of names.
  2. Enrich them to get all the juicy details on their profiles.
  3. Find their work emails.