Christian Städtler

@Christian_Stadtler is an expert in go-to-market strategies and entrepreneurship. He’s passionate about helping founders accelerate business growth, focusing on transitioning from founder-led sales to building scalable revenue growth engines. He creates and builds go-to-market operating systems that are both repeatable and scalable, ensuring sustainable success for your business.

What he can help you with…
He provides comprehensive support to founders through various methods:

  • Building Holistic Multichannel Outreach Campaigns: Designing and executing effective outreach strategies across multiple channels.
  • Finding Best Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and Message Market Fits: Identifying and targeting the right audience with tailored messaging for maximum impact.
  • Integrating Go-To-Market Outbound Engines: Developing and implementing robust outbound systems that drive growth.
  • Formulating Go-To-Market Strategies for Sustainable Growth: Creating strategic plans that ensure long-term success and scalability.

His expertise lies in 4 key areas:

  1. Fostering a Growth-Centric Company Culture
  2. Optimizing Revenue Operations
  3. Aligning Go-To-Market Strategies Across Departments
  4. Formulating Growth Frameworks

These foundations are critical for developing successful go-to-market operating systems.


Feel free to reach out to him through any of the provided contacts for more information or to discuss how you can work together to achieve your business goals.

Customer References : Mendato GmbH, Jomigo GmbH, Lexhub GmbH, mobileJobs GmbH…

“Christian’s approach to go-to-market strategies is unparalleled. His ability to break down complex concepts into actionable steps has been invaluable.” - CEO, Mendato GmbH

“The growth frameworks and revenue operations optimization that Christian introduced transformed our business operations.” - Founder, Jomigo GmbH

“Christian’s expertise in aligning our go-to-market strategy across departments was a game changer.” - CTO, Lexhub GmbH

Additional Resources

For a detailed overview of his skillset in building solid outbound and outreach engines, you can refer to his article on Optimizing Your Outbound Tech Stack for Early-Stage SaaS

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