Substack Scraping

Hey Players :wave:t2:

Do you by any chance know of tools that can scrape / extract / data or automate outreach on substack ?

Basically, get the data from a substack NL author or automate substack DMs ?

I have done manual data scraping using Apify, and workarounds to get profile info and then enrich, but i was wondering if there are pre-made tools already ?

And as there is no official Substack API, was looking for a way to automate DMs there


This a great idea. I’m guessing you’re looking to scrape other’s newsletters. If you’re aiming to enrich your own subscriber list, then you could download the emails (most of the time these are personal emails) and then enrich.

I wrote up a post on how to convert personal emails into work data here: Clay: How to Transform Personal Emails to Work Data

Then you can automate getting that information into LGM to run campaigns.

If you do find a way to scrape other newsletters, I’d love to see how you figure it out!

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Hi Alex,

Goal here is indeed to get the info of other newsletters.

For the subscriber list, i already enriched it (using Clay too ! :grin: ) and added them into a LGM campaign to create an upsell flow.

Thanks for sharing your experience too.

And i’ll let you know for sure

Do you mean, at the moment you have a scraper that gets some structured info? What info?
Depending on what you’re already getting, since we take care of the enrichment to find back a linkedin profile of email, I think you can already automate the rest with LGM

Hi @adrienmc

Goal would be to reach out to substack writers.
I manage to scrape newsletter lists and substack URLs.
Then i scrape each substack about section to try to get the author’s info, but get limited data
And then use Clay AND LGM to send campaigns.
wondering if there were automated workflows or tools out there

Do you have a sample of data to share?