The best mobile data provider

Salespeople… I found the best data provider…

Newsflash, its Upcell.

Granted, I have a small(ish) sample size, but here are my findings:

After 2 weeks of connect rates sub 1% using a data provider that I shall not name…

I decided enough is enough and dedicated myself to using ONLY Upcell for the next 3 days.

My connect rate proceeded to increase by 11%.

I’ve had access to upcell for a while now, but used other providers simply because it took such a long time to build lists USING upcell.

Here’s what I mean:

With the big providers—Seamless, Lusha, Zoominfo, etc.—there’s an extension that allows you to import contacts directly into your sequencer. This, again, makes building lists incredibly simple.

With Upcell, you have to click on every individual contact in Sales Nav, then hit, ‘Option C,’ on the keyboard. From there, it will import into your CRM as a contact.

Here’s the workflow I used to make this go as quickly as possible:

  1. Using Sales Nav, I pull up a list of contacts all within ICP.

  2. I then hit, ‘Command + Click,’ on the prospect’s name. This opens up a separate tab for each prospect.

  3. With as many tabs open as possible, I click, ‘Option C,’ on each prospect.

  4. With all upcell prospects now in the CRM, I export this list as a CSV.

  5. Open up Servicebell’s dialer, and import the CSV.

Boom, you’re ready to start calling the BEST mobile numbers.

Although this may seem a bit more tedious than just using one of the big name providers, I PROMISE you, you’ll thank me later.

Upcell’s mobile numbers are THAT good.

What do you guys think is the best data provider?

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Did you try ? they combine multiple phones providers (lusha, kasper, datagma, etc) and do waterfall enrichment: if there’s a phone, they can find it :slight_smile:

We have the founder here, @Benjamin_Douablin

We use Fullenrich too actually!

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Glad to read that :wink: if you have a benchmark about the providers tou tested, that would benefit the entire community !

I recently saw this post on LinkedIn benchmarking phone enrichment tools that could be of interested :slight_smile:

Translated :

  1. Phone found
  2. Correct Phone
  3. Wrong phone number
  4. Phone number in French format

Caveat to this, data is very subjective to audience tested (geography and industry)


I’m not sure this benchmark is accurate though…

Fullenrich use Kaspr and Datagma (maybe others), they should have a minimum of 60% found then.