The most frustrating thing about sales

This, to me, is by FAR the most frustrating thing about sales…

No one can agree on anything.

Everyone has “facts” to back up their findings, but the opposing side also has the very same amount of “facts.”

For example, we have all seen the 10,000 linkedin posts saying, “Cold Calling is dead. Here’s my stats to prove it.”

Well, those posts are met with another 10,000 posts that say, “Actually, cold calling is the most effective way to book meetings. Here’s my stats to prove it.”

Like I said, no one can agree on ANYTHING. It’s infuriating.

This is true not just with sales but also life in general.

I mean, think about it, if you look up anything regarding politics, religion, fitness, science, WHATEVER the topic is—you’re going to find a million articles that all completely contradict each other.

All of these articles will come from equally reputable people, but will all come to VASTLY different conclusions.

What is one to do?

The only thing you CAN do.

Trust your own findings.

YOU are the best judge of truth in your life.

So if you’re starting out in sales, my best advice is to test EVERYTHING.

You see an opener that supposedly booked 50 meetings last week? Try it.

You see a different opener that booked 51 meetings? Try that one too.

Try EVERYTHING in the beginning, then find what works for YOU.

It’s the only way to be successful in a world that constantly disagrees.

What do you think is the most frustrating thing about sales?

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A/B test everything (well… not litteraly everything, but you get my point!)

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