Themes of June

Hello LGM Creators! Here are new theme proposals for June :slightly_smiling_face:

(:earth_africa: This brief is in English, but you can make your post in English, French, German, Spanish… depending on your native language or you communication habits with your audience.)

Theme 1: Clay x LGM integration :robot:

No need to introduce Clay! However, many people still don’t know that LGM & Clay built an integration. It’s time to show them how to do it and for which use cases!

The Clay x La Growth Machine integration allows to: ​

  1. Do your ABM segmentation within Clay ​
  2. Easily find email + phone data with Clay waterfall enrichment ​
  3. Upload your list to LGM
  4. Launch your multi-channel campaign from LGM

→ More information about Clay x LGM

Theme 2: Social Warming :fire:

Say goodbye to cold prospecting! You can now like your prospects’ latest post and even follow them, all in a 100% automated way. Make yourself known to your target even before your first interactions! Simply use the dedicated template from the LGM catalog.

Theme 3: Calls :telephone_receiver:

Add calls to your sequences. To reach a high-potential prospect, a personal touch can really make a difference. With manual call tasks, move to the next level in terms of personalization, while continuing to automate low-value-added processes! Whether it’s workflow, call strategies, or scripts, let your creativity flow!

→ More information about Calls

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I’m waiting for your great proposals via DM on Playground before Monday June 17th. It can be on one of these three themes, or another one if you’re inspired by something else.

Selected creators will have access to a free LGM Ultimate license for 1 month, and - if desired - their LinkedIn posts will receive a visibility boost through sponsorship at our expense! :gift:

If you are not chosen this time, you will still have the opportunity to publish your post and include your affiliate link. This link allows you to give your referrals 1 month of free trial (vs. 15 days), and earns you 20% of all money spent by users.

Ready? Can’t wait to receive all your ideas!


Stupid question… couldn’t find how to DM… :sweat_smile:

You just need to click on my profile and then “Message” :slight_smile:

Yeaahh je vais parler de Social warmup :fire:

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Génial ça Jérôme !!

Pour rester dans le theme PH, je propose de faire un post sur
Scraping PH makers => Enrichment Clay => Campagne LGM


Ouuuh yes ! Super idée !

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